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Physicians - Hilo

Visiting Physician Specialists
Physician Specialty To schedule an appointment
Thomas Francis, MD Endocrinology 1.808.450.2370
Jeffrey Lau, MD Thoracic and
Cardiovascular Surgery
QUEEN'S MEDICAL GROUP Pulmonary & Critical Care 1.808.691.8358
Russell D. Wong, MD Infectious Disease 1.808.935.7890
David Singh, MD Electrophysiology 1.808.691.8888
Michon Morita, MD Neurosurgery 1.808.529.0508
Deborah Agles, MD Occupational Medicine 1.808.591.3538
Kenneth T. Kaan, MD Orthopedic & Spine Surgery 1.800.626.7999
Shane Y. Morita, MD Endocrine and Oncologic Surgery 1.808.545.8777
Linda J. Rowan, MD Physiatry, EMG & Nerve Conduction Studies 1.800.877.8907
Comprehensive Weight Management Comprehensive Weight Management 1.808.691.7546
Carl de los Reyes, MD Plastic Surgery 1.808.525.6590
Ken C. Arakawa, MD Rheumatology 1.808.528.3888